Nomadas La Palma

NOMADAS LA PALMA is an informative website that aims to bring together all the information of interest to teleworkers and digital nomads who choose the Isla Bonita as their next destination.

La Palma has the perfect conditions to seduce digital nomads with its natural beauty, nature activities, culture and fantastic weather conditions all year round. This project aims to prepare, promote and create a unique community with digital nomads from all over the world.

It is a unique pilot project that aims to merge digital nomads with local businesses and inhabitants of La Palma, turning it into a community of people who make a positive impact on the village, both socially and economically.

Knowing the needs of the nomads, adapting products and services to their requirements, involving the community and private entities (hotels, restaurants, rural houses, consultants, lawyers, rent-a-cars, creatives and entrepreneurs from different areas) are some of the challenges identified for this pilot phase.


Why choose La Palma?

Some good reasons to telework from paradise

Tranquillity and Security

The people of La Palma are friendly and welcome tourists with open arms. In addition, the low incidence of the virus and the low crime rate make the island the perfect place to live peacefully.

Fibre Optics

Most of the territory already has a 600 MB fibre optic network, so it is possible to telework with good internet connection from any part of La Palma.


La Palma, a biosphere reserve and a “miniature continent”. Its rich diversity of ecosystems presents great landscape contrasts in a small area. Thus, laurel forests, arid coasts, great cliffs and volcanic landscapes coexist.

Extensive network of trails

The La Palma Footpath Network covers the entire island, taking advantage of the traditional paths used for centuries by the island’s inhabitants. In La Palma you will find an enormous variety of climates, reliefs and landscapes, both natural and cultural: from the warm coastal strip to the high peaks that are well over 2,000 metres high, passing through the cultivated areas of the midlands, the pine forests, the volcanic landscapes and the lush masses of laurisilva.

A sky of a million stars

In order to avoid excessive light pollution, the island has been protected by law, being the first Starlight Reserve in the world, and having received recognition in 2012 as a Starlight Tourist Destination. La Palma is undoubtedly an unbeatable place to enjoy stargazing and discover its scientific, cultural, natural and scenic values.


The island of La Palma has managed to preserve its traditions, making this island an authentic, unusual place. Discovering the architectural, cultural and historical heritage of the island is an enriching experience that you should not miss. In the gastronomy of La Palma, simple, traditional cuisine coexists with a more elaborate, avant-garde cuisine. An island with flavour and a brand that shows the quality of its cuisine: Saborea La Palma.

Convenient time zone

La Palma uses Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which means that it has the same time as cities like London or countries like Portugal. In addition, the island’s location means that the time difference with other European cities is between 1 and 2 hours and between 5 and 7 hours with America.

Cooperativism and synergies

The aim is to merge digital nomads with local businesses and the inhabitants of La Palma, turning it into a community of people who make a positive impact on the town, both socially and economically.


La Palma has both busy beaches, with all kinds of services for leisure and recreation, as well as practically deserted beaches where you can enjoy incredible tranquillity. Without being strictly speaking a sun and beach destination, they stand out, above all, for their cleanliness and the purity of the water, as well as for their unspoilt landscapes and impressive cliffs.